February 1st to 5th 2016
Olhão, Portugal
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Presentation Skills

Workshop: Speaking enthusiastically in front of a group

As well as covering preparation, building a rapport with your audience, body lanaguage and dealing with uncertainty, in this training workshop you will learn techniques to:

  • speak in front of a group full of confidence and with the necessary serenity;

  • have an impact and to make sure that your message is maintained by the audience;

  • use your voice and body language in a convincing manner;

  • deal with disturbing and unexpected factors during a presentation.

Speaking enthusiastically in front of a group costs 75 and is scheduled for the morning session on Monday 1st February 2016 and has a maximum of 30 participants.

Trainer: Frederik Imbo

Frederik Imbo followed a theatre training at the Conservatory of Ghent, obtained a Master Practioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and also completed a two-year training called `Transpersonal Coaching and Counselling’. During the last few years, Frederik has deepened his knowledge of Marshall Rosenberg’s ‘Non-violent Communication’ both at home and abroad. Besides his acting and presenting work on TV, he has 15 years of experience in stimulating and guiding people. Frederik organises presentations, workshops, trainings and personal coaching sessions for workers, administrative employees, teachers, managers, officials and politicians in order to increase their communication skills. As a speaker he performs his presentations in Dutch, French and English more than 100 times on a yearly basis.

Source: Imboorling