February 1st to 5th 2016
Olhão, Portugal
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Presentation Skills: Poster Design

Workshop: 'Create awesome scientific posters'

When you go about a poster presentation the wrong way, your poster will drown amid the hundreds of others. You yourself will be utterly bored standing next to your poster twiddling your thumbs. But things can be different. In this workshop we will walk you through the steps on how to build a scientific poster. One that is clear and engaging and will bring you and your audience the greatest value.

Among others, the workshop will discuss:

  • How to grab the attention? (Why should the audience listen to you?)

  • Telling your story in 15 seconds.

  • How to structure your poster?

  • How do you cram a 30-page paper on 1 poster?

  • Examples of awesome research posters.

  • Where do you find professional images?

  • How to design a scientific poster.

During the workshop we will work with posters the participants send us. That enables us to give some personal feedback and to work with examples which are relevant for the audience.

Trainer: Toon Verlinden

The workshop will be given by Toon Verlinden from The Floor is Yours. He is a biochemical engineer with experience in the field of water purification and a science journalist who believes that life is too short for bad presentations. Amongst others, Toon writes for EOS: the biggest popular science magazine in Belgium. Together with his colleague Hans van de Water he gives workshops and runs The Floor is Yours: a blog where they share useful poster- and presentation tips with researchers. Check it out on thefloorisyours.be/en