February 1st to 5th 2016
Olhão, Portugal
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Assessing ecosystem services in coastal lagoons

Oral Presentation
Habitat Loss and Ocean Noise
Friday, February 5, 2016 -
12:30 to 12:45

Inácio, M. 1 Schernewski, G. 2

11. Klaipeda University, Lithuania 2. Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Germany
21. Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Germany 2. Klaipeda University

Ecosystem services can be broadly defined as benefits that humans take up (or use) from the environment. These can be divided into: provisioning, maintenance and regulation, and cultural services following the Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services (CICES). They can virtually be found in every part of the marine environment, but the awareness of their use is more notable in coastal and transitional waters, specifically coastal lagoons being the last notable suppliers in more direct contact with humans. These ecosystems (coastal lagoons) were chosen as study sites of this research, precisely the Oder Lagoon in Germany and the Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania. The objective is to assess and map ecosystem services for the lagoon using a new methodological approach through an easy to apply tool based on supply and real use (based on Burckhard and colleagues approach) called Ecosystem Service Assessment Tool (ESAT), with the focus on these types of ecosystem. The assessment will provide information that can be used as a comparison study between the lagoons highlighting differences and similarities, and this can then be analysed from a management point of view to see which practices were performed in the past and how it contributed to changes in ecosystem services. Other objective of this study is the reproducibility of this approach to other lagoons and also for the coastal waters of the Baltic Sea. This study will be developed in cooperation with BONUS BaltCoast Project, which aims to develop a systematic management approach that encompasses multiple impacts in a spatially heterogeneous context, by using Systems Approach Framework and to implement a long lasting Baltic coastal management competence network and integration with EU policies.
Ecosystem services, coastal lagoons, CICES, BaltCoast, Baltic SEa

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