February 1st to 5th 2016
Olhão, Portugal
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Scientific Exhibitions: Future Oceans & Natural Resources

Scientific Exhibition
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 -
18:30 to 20:00
3 February
Future Oceans
Future Oceans
FO.01 The Effects of Phthalates on Nereis diversicolor
Ashwaq Alnemari
FO.02 Stress response to El nino conditions in giant kelp
Luis Barreto
FO.03 What is the acidification level in the Mediterranean Sea?
Abed El Rahman Hassoun
FO.04 Average pH variations in the Mediterranean Sea surface waters
Elissar Gemayel
FO.05 What's for dinner? Harpacticoid eating habits in hypoxic environment
Marina Giunio
FO.06 Larvae of coral eating crown of thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci in a warmer-high CO2 ocean.
Pamela Kamya
FO.07 Photoprotective response and recovery of phytoplankton communities in the Southern Ocean against high light exposure
Tomoyo Katayama
FO.08 Trace elements in future oceanic conditions in Seagrass ecosystem: Ecological implications and toxic effects.
Amrit Kumar Mishra
FO.09 A framework for assess vulnerability of coastal fisheries to climate change in Portuguese coast
Francisco Leitão
FO.10 Thermal stress biomarkers in the widespread tropical and subtropical sergeant-major fish: temperature as a major environmental stressor in a warming ocean
Carolina Madeira
FO.11 Physiological resilience of southern edge populations of Fucus vesiculosus to consecutive desiccation and heat shock
Neusa Martins
FO.12 Altered epiphyte community and sea urchin diet in Posidonia oceanica meadows in the vicinity of a volcanic CO2 vent
Patricia Nogueira
FO.13 Population dynamics of temperate kelp near their low-latitude limit
Tânia Pereira
FO.14 Long-term changes in the occurrence of intertidal seaweeds in NW Iberia
Cristina Piñeiro-Corbeira
FO.15 A novel system to manipulate and control CO2 levels in mesocosms for ocean acidification experiments
Laura Sordo
FO.16 How to deal with food deprivation under three temperature regimes: a lipid perspective of the intertidal copepod species Platychelipus littoralis (Harpacticoida)
Eva Werbrouck
FO.17 Living in multi-stressed sediments: behavioral consequences for the functioning and diversity in coastal habitats
Ee Zin Ong
Natural Resources
Natural Resources
NR.01 What are we losing? - An Economic perspective of fisheries discards in Portugal
Vânia Baptista
NR.02 A well-kept treasure at depth: Precious red coral rediscovered in Atlantic deep reefs (SW Portugal) after 300 years
Joana Boavida
NR.03 Assigning Hippocampus guttulatus Recruits to the Populations of Origin Using Microsatellites: Results from a Field Study in the Ria Formosa (South Portugal)
Miguel Correia
NR.04 Science, technology and society initiative to minimise unwanted catches in European fisheries – the MINOUW project
Karim Erzini
NR.05 Monitoring approaches for supporting offshore aquaculture management and EU Directives at Sagres, Portugal
Bruno Fragoso
NR.06 Impact of farming non-indigenous scallop (Argopecten irradians) on benthic environment in Bohai Sea
Qian Huang
NR.07 Trawling and creeling for Nephrops fisheries. Comparison of environmental impacts and bycatch assessment.
Lino Marques
NR.08 Mapping of the chemosensory system in Holothuria arguinensis
Nathalie Marquet
NR.09 Methodology: optimizing protein extraction and separation in Fucus macroalgae to study desiccation-tolerance
Catarina Mota
NR.10 Barrier trap selectivity improvement for the management of coastal lagoons: Case study from an Eastern Mediterranean lagoon
Dimitrios Moutopoulos
NR.11 Marine commercial fish feeding: dietary characterization and food availability of three fish species from a southern European temperate estuary (Mondego estuary, Portugal)
João M. Neto
NR.12 Impact of coastal mussel farms on the macrobenthic soft bottom community
João M. Neto
NR.13 Metabolic Enzyme Activities as Indicators for Physiological Conditions in Early Developmental Stages of Amphiprion ocellaris
Nina Paul
NR.14 Approaches to characterize the fishing effort of the artisanal fisheries in the Algarve (Southern Portugal)
Pauline Raimbault
NR.15 Developing a network of underwater routes at the Algarve
Mafalda Rangel
NR.16 Mapping the socio-economic and cultural importance of inshore fisheries
Marleen Roelofs
NR.17 Three decades of sandy commercial bivalves surveys on the South coast of Portugal: a spatio-temporal analysis
Marta Rufino
NR.18 Spatial protection and size composition of soft bottom fish communities: the case of the Luiz Saldanha Marine Park (Portugal)
Inês Sousa

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